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Animal Companion Remembrances


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
Anatole France

If you would like to have an animal remembered on this page, whether your own lost companion or that of a friend, or even the loss of an animal in the wild whose story has inspired or touched you, please let us know. If possible, please send with a picture and a few lines that we may post to info@binkyfoundation.org

Just shy of his 15th birthday, sweet little James lost his brave fight against cancer and made his journey across the rainbow bridge. James came to Amy Sancetta as a rescue from a litter on an Amish farm. In Amy’s words, "He has been the absolute light of my life. . . . My best friend all these years, he followed me around like a little sheep. This summer we were able to take him on a bucket list trip to see family, friends and the ocean for the first time, and he had an absolutely wonderful time. We've been so blessed to have James in our lives, and right now it's hard for me to picture life without him. I won the animal lottery when James chose me and I brought him home all those years ago. He will be part of my heart forever. I'll love you forever, little buddy.” Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, September 2017.

In memory of Sparkle Juice Rowe, constant companion and best buddy of Susan Rowe for 16 wonderful, loving years. "She remains in my heart forever with her two wonderful predecessors. The Rainbow Bridge must be a heavenly place to receive such beautiful doggy souls.”  Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, July 2017.

In memory of Cassandra who at age 14 passed from her forever home to the Rainbow Bridge.  She was Joan Scheier's best friend and they shared many adventures together, many of which were documented in Cassandra's yearly wall calendar.  Photos of her birthday parties, holiday celebrations, visits from friends and family, even a visit to the vet were documented for the lucky recipients of the calendar to enjoy every day, particularly by Joan.  Of all of the photos taken of Cassandra over the years, Joan has chosen this one for her remembrance: “Found this photo in my files . . . reminder of her first day home . . . I of course will remember all the days.”  Thanks for the memories, Cassandra.  Your friends and family, all fans, will miss you.  Remembrance donations by Joan Scheier, Blanche Visalli, Janet Miller and Mickey and Peter Bickford, June 2017.

In memory of April Rivkin’s wonderful 18 +/- year old cat Wendell. "About 15 years ago we wanted to adopt a second cat, and Stephen had a “thing” for Maine Coons. However when the County Shelter suggested we might like this Norwegian Forest Cat, we fell in love. Wendell was big, funny, and thrived being the center of attention. Until three weeks ago, Wendell literally greeted every person who came into the house; he was definitely the host with the most! If ignored, he would tap, tap, tap you with his right paw until petted. Sometimes a bully with the other felines, he always charming with humans. In his youth he was quite the handsome guy who loved to play fetch with a crumpled piece of paper, chase laser lights, sun himself on the porch, and EAT. What a personality!” Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, July 2017.

In honor of Caledonia, Friend and companion of Linda Bickford for 22 years.  "You rescued me 22 years ago when you literally walked into my life at just 6 weeks old, and remained by my side through many ups and downs including two cross country moves homelessness and cancer.  You were always there for me with love and kisses through all our trials and accomplishments.You are now, and will ever be so missed....until we meet again my dear friend, rest in peace….” Remembrance donations by Linda Bickford, Jon and Jeanne Bickford and Peter & Mickey Bickford. June 2017.

Our sweet, funny, lovable little Lucee crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 1st to join her brother, Max (see September 2016 below).  Lucee was such a special little girl, rescued from an abandoned house where she was left with no food or water.  We fell in love with her the minute we saw her and adopted her on the spot.  She loved everyone, especially her family, and we feel so blessed to have had her in our lives for 10+ years.  We miss playing with her, watching her chase squirrels around the yard, and snuggling with her at night.  We miss her somewhat naughty (always funny) little antics, and we know that our first trip this year will be bitter sweet without Lucee snuggled up in the backseat of the truck.  True to her lively spirit, she fought her cancer bravely, and saying goodbye was one of the most heart-wrenching things we have ever had to do.  While she is no longer physically with us, she will live in our hearts forever and we will do our best to honor the unconditional love and trust she placed in us from day one. Remembrance donations by Lucee’s parents, Jeanne and Jon Bickford, and by her aunt and uncle, Mickey and Peter Bickford.

Judy and Steve Bass found little Zippy dumped at a local park. "She was about six months old, loving and lovable, trusting, and adorable. She became a part of our lives and stayed with us for almost 17 years. Zippy was a gracious dog. She'd jump into anyone (everyone's) lap and share her kisses. When she was young and full of zip, Zippy would use her nose to push a tennis ball down a staircase, race down after it, and be back in a flash to do it again. She was also content spending the day in the yard, sniffing and exploring, searching for gifts from the raccoons she would savor. She had a favorite seat in the RV where with the door open, she could look out on the world, sniff the air, and take in a little sun, even if she was just looking out on the driveway. And that was her last happy view of the world. Our hearts ache with the emptiness.” Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, March 2017.

In loving honor of our sweet kitty, Mocha. She will be missed so much by Jen, Lars and Justin. Mocha lived a great life and lasted 7 years with feline leukemia. She was playful, social and so snuggly. She was often called "Velcro Kitty" because she stayed attached to Jen whether sitting on her lap at the dinner table or sleeping in the crook of her arm every night. She worked out with Lars each morning and got "big tail" just from the shake of her food bag. Justin chased and hugged her constantly and in her own way she liked it! We will always love her and cherish the years that she blessed us with her purrrs. Remembrance donation by Lars, Jen and Justin Bickford, December 2016.

In loving memory of sweet Mr. Max, our beautiful, mild-mannered, lovable fur baby, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 15 as he lay in our arms. Throughout his life Maxie loved romping in the backyard, chasing squirrels and birds, even trying to climb the backyard tree in his unsuccessful efforts to catch a squirrel. He loved to travel in “his” truck and “his” travel trailer. We could never set foot in the trailer without Mr. Max being right behind us. While he was never one to play with his sister Lucee, he loved her dearly and enjoyed snuggling with her at home, in the truck, and in the trailer. Maxie also formed a special bond with his Uncle Bob and his cousin, Lou, and was especially happy when he got to visit with them and walk with Lou. It is difficult to say goodbye to our wonderful Mr. Max, but his memory and the joy he brought us for 15 years will live in our hearts forever. Jon & Jeanne Bickford, September 2016.

In loving memory of Toni, beloved companion to Lomi and Lutz-Helmut Nowak and playmate to his sister Bellinda. Their walks - and runs - together in the Bavarian countryside will be deeply missed. Remembrance donation by Mickey and Peter Bickford, September 2016.

In memory of Porkchop, adored companion of Ann Saydlowski and Nathalie Cunningham. "Despite his pug wrinkles and big sad eyes, Porkchop was the happiest of dogs— self-assured and proud of his whiskers. This compact little ambassador could make even the most stoic New Yorker crack a smile as they passed him on his jaunts through the neighborhood. He loved all people. He also loved squirrels, greeting the tourists in Central Park, and socializing with his pals at the dog park. . . . Porkchop will live forever in our hearts— our sweet, silly, most special little Bub.” Remembrance donations by Judy Wolfe, Berni Leahy and Mickey & Peter Bickford, June 2016.

In memory of Nicholas Newman’s regal rabbit companion, Lady Sir Rufus Van Saun Newman a.k.a Bunz, Lady Bunz, Lady Bun Bunz, or Bunny ~ 2007-2016. "I found little Bunz in a tapir exhibit at my zoo and brought her home. My first pet. I quickly realized how much time and attention you really needed and deserved. Over the coarse of the next eight years we had many adventures together such as going to the park in your stroller to graze on grass, playing in the snow, floating around in a flood, raising two kittens, and moving to the Concrete Jungle together. I never once stopped loving you. You have always been there for me, especially during the hardest of times when I needed you the most. You were a special lady, will be missed very much, but never forgotten.” Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe and Berni Leahy, March 2016.

In memory of Reba, April and Stephen Rivkin’s 13 year old lady, who "was all that we ever wanted in a dog—gentle, sweet tempered, friendly to all the dogs and people we met on walks, respectful of our cats, and so un-German Shepherdlike in her acceptance of strangers. She never once had a mean thought -- well, maybe, when the mailman came. We miss her sleeping by the front door, patiently waiting for us to come home. We miss her in so many ways. Reba’s only fault was that she had to leave us too soon. We will, in time, honor her memory by finding another German Shepherd who’s waiting for a forever home.” Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, December 2015.

Our dear friend Judy Wolfe, whose painting of Binky adorns our website, lost her fabulous dog Benny recently. In her words: "My very special dog, Benny, was funny, loving and loud at times but gave me the proverbial unconditional love that only a dog can give. He gave me 10.5 years of laughs, and fun. He was my photographic muse and sharing his photos over the years gave me much joy. He loved putting on hats and posing (as long as there were treats involved). I spoiled him with toys, treats and trips to our favorite stores.Our daily walks allowed me to meet my neighbors and he had a host of friends in the ‘hood, both two and four legged. He was a joy and changed my life for the better. The pain in my heart will lessen with time. He was the ultimate ‘good boy.’” Remembrance donations by Judy & Steve Bass, Susan Ferla, Veronica Gallagher, Michael & Becca Mink, Gary Nusbaum & Jennifer Jackson, Helen Belluschi, Michelle Beach, Donna Moran, Mary Schwalm & Elise Amendola, Kathleen Salmieri, Alicia Sells, Karen Pedevillano, Evelyn Tamborlani and Judy’s friends at the Central Park Zoo (Sue, Mary, Elias, Berni, Nora, Kelly, Melissa, Rob, Ronnie, Nick, Beth, Tyler, Kim, Tumeca, Angel, Celia, and Katie!). November 2015.

After years of being shuffled around in the system, Butler was finally reunited with his brother Mr. Darcy in a loving, happy home. While their time together was all too short, at least Butler’s final months were happy ones romping with his long lost bro! Remembrance donations by Peter & Mickey Bickford, Gayle Carroll & Ed Berberian and Dorothy Newshan. September 2015.

In memory of Rocky, brother to Mike, joy giver to Sheila and Jerry Siderman. Rocky and Mikey were adopted in July, 2013. They had been named Ariel and Sebastian Sebastian at the shelter and we renamed them Rosie and Mike. A 2014 urinary tract infection revealed that Rosie needed a new name. In May 2015, both cats were diagnosed with severe kidney disease. Rocky went downhill fast. In the two short years he lived with us, he went from a fearful cat who hid in the basement and only came upstairs to eat while we were sleeping to a loving cat who could never get enough lap time. If we gave him even half the joy he gave us, then his last two years were worth the pain we feel over his loss. Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, August 2015.

In memory of Isabella, Kathy Salmieri’s sweet kitty companion for 17 1/2 years."She was pure joy and loved everyone. Bella was the official greeter of anyone who came up my driveway, escorting them to the front door, chatting away. In her prime she was a great hunter and could out run my Rottie, Rocco. She loved dogs,especially Rocco. He was her best buddy. She is missed by all those who loved her. I know Isabella and Rocco are having a party at the rainbow bridge.” Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, July 2015.

Wilma the Wonder Dog had a very wonderful life with her people, Jennifer Jackson and Gary Nusbaum, who stated: "She was pampered, loved, adored. She went for regular car rides; slept in a king size bed that she incidentally allowed us to sleep in, too; had two little brothers (OK - bigger younger brothers); . . .She may have been small, but she was larger than life. We loved her. She loved us. She was a licker. Anyone who came to the house was in danger of having their tonsils licked. Her tongue was legendary. She loved to cuddle. She thought she was a human. She hated not being the center of attention. She loved visitors. She didn't really acknowledge other dogs - she was a human, afterall. But most of all, she loved her family and we loved her. She will be truly missed.” Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, July 2015.

Short Stop, beloved companion in Verna Manion’s household for 14 years, was a handsome, loving, funny, and generous spirit. With curiosity and affection he accepted children, friends, family, all visitors and anything life sent his way. He was not a particular fan of The 4th of July. But, as he enjoyed classical music, was always excited to see the music teacher arrive. His too easily achieved goal would be a seat on the piano bench even if two humans had all available space. Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, March 2015.

In loving memory of 17-year-old Gypsy, fur-baby of Linda Hanratty and Bob Vann. Gypsy was a very sweet girl who endured a number of ailments as she grew older. In spite of her problems, she loved her people and looked forward to her walks each day. Gypsy will forever hold a warm spot in the hearts of Bob and Linda, friends and extended family. Remembrance donation by Jeanne and Jon Bickford, March 2015.

Bagels Mintz Goldberg was more than a pet or a dog. He was a beloved family member whose joy in life was apparent with everything he did. He was adored by parents Robert Goldberg and Laurie Mintz. Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, February 2015.

In honor of our beautiful blithe spirit Benji, who spent his golden years in peace with us and is now frolicking without pain with his friends across the rainbow bridge. Remembrance donations by Benji’s companions Peter & Mickey Bickford and by Jeanne and Jon Bickford, Gayle Carroll, Ed Berberian and Dorothy Newshan. January 2015.

In memory of adorable Daisy, beloved member of the Rich family. May her memory be for a blessing. She will always live on in your hearts. Remembrance donation by Roberta Kahn, January 2015.

Fluffy fur of white
Prancing feet and perky ears
Gentle sweet Molly

Beloved canine member of Klickner family, much missed by Herb, Rhonda, Sam, Max and canine boxer brother Gottlieb. Remembrance donation from Aunt Berni, December 2014

In memory of Domino, who brought joy to Jen, Lars, Justin, and to the many guests who were lucky enough to pass through his territory at Three Rivers Resort, Almont, CO. Remembrance donation by Kathleen Berzock, December 2014.

Sweet Harper, you lived every day to the max, always on your own terms. You and Homer were best buddies, beside each other or chasing after each other, you the feisty one, he full of playful antics. We miss you, Harper! Love, Homer, Kent, Berni, aunties Sheila and Kathy, and former foster family Marcie and Larry, who captured your personality and regal beauty in this photo.” Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, December 2014.

Yukon, companion to Jamie Ries of Minneapolis, ‘was a very personable cat. She enjoyed company and liked to sit with guests on the couch. She always greeted me at the door when I got home from work and slept with me at night. She was lovable and affectionate, and was a great companion for 14 years’. Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, December 2014.

Spike, Jen Kepler's green iguana, taught his family so many life lessons including how to potty train your iguana! Spike was well known in the community attending softball games with his family, taking part in a girl scout gold award project, a high school senior project, and sat often on the front lawn greeting the neighbors, local children, the ice cream man, and people who drove by, causing frequent double takes. Spike lived to the ripe age of 15 and continues to occupy a huge portion of the family's hearts. Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, October 2014.

Dorian Grey was born in a small barn on the land of one of our grantees, The Kerulos Center in southern Oregon, whose director G.A. Bradshaw writes: Their mother, Sara, had been abandoned. When Dorian and his two sisters, Mei Mei and Eva, finally emerged as stumbling kittens, they all joined the rest of the family - Centa, Fritzi, Pir and Margot Dogs, Panama Parrot, Nikki, Scooter, and Ingeborg Felines, and the many birds,deer, skunks and other wildlife who live here. Dorian's nickname, Candy Cat, speaks to his sweet, sweet nature and beautiful open heart. He will be cherished, loved and remembered forever. October 2014.

Ophelia, the loved and loving feline member of the Handlin family - Joseph, Laura and daughter Emma - passed over the Rainbow Bridge after a long illness. Ophelia’s human companions – even stoic Joe! – are devastated. Remembrance donation by Jacqueline Birnbaum and Dean Surkin, September 2014.

Siva. BFF ( Best Feline Friend) to Linda Hanhilammi for 19 years. Loved to sit on her lap on her balcony enjoying the sun and the sights. Remembrance donation by Joan Scheier, July 2014.

Remembering Punkin, companion to Elise Amendola and Mary Schwalm. In her prime, Punkin was a muscular 12-lb Maine Coon with gorgeous salmon/brown markings and beautiful fur and undercoat, with tufted ears and big paws. She was an accomplished huntress of voles, mice and (unfortunately) chipmunks. She had a loud hiss and was not afraid to use it! We used to enjoy watching Punkin walk stealthily around the property with her plume of a tail standing straight up and proud. As a kitten, she was rescued from a store parking lot. She remained feral and cautious, taking many years to gain her trust for petting and touching. We miss her very much! Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, July 2014.

In loving memory of Benny, the much beloved Maltese/Shihtzu companion to Artie and Debbie Schwartz. "Benny leaves behind a heartbroken but grateful and appreciative family. We experienced a lot of love and joy knowing him and having him in our family for the 12 years of his short life. He will be greatly missed by all of us and especially by his older brother ‘Tyler.’ You will always be in our hearts.” Remembrance donation by Dean Surkin and Jacqueline Birnbaum, July 2014.

In memory of Charlie, who was adopted by Katherine and Jim Sutton from Cavalier Rescue in August of 2011 when he was six years old. A purebred Cavalier, he was born in Ireland and shipped to the U.S as a puppy, but he got off to a poor start in life. Charlie spent most of his days in a cage, put on too much weight and developed heart issues and arthritis. He was also deaf. His family eventually had to give him up, which is how he came to Katherine and Jim. "For the almost three years at our house, he found a deeply loving home, cage-free, with lots of exercise and playtime. We knew he had health issues, but we hoped that he would live longer than nine years in total. However, we take solace in knowing that the last third of his life was the happiest and healthiest we could give him.” Remembrance donation by Dean Surkin and Jacqueline Birnbaum, June 2014.

In memory of Derek the Shelty, the lovely and lovable companion of Debbie and Steven Kaplan and best friend to Aunt Joan. Always glad to meet and greet you with a welcoming bark. Remembrance donation by Joan Scheier, May 2014.

In remembrance of Cleocat, or Cleo, companion to the Beirne family who lived fourteen years without developing a mean bone in her body. Her tender heart will be missed daily by the family she left behind. Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, April 2014.

In memory of Goofus: with all his faults we still miss him. Remembrance donation by Betty and Joe Anticaglia, December 2013.

In loving memory of Morty and Skippy, beloved companions of Marcia and Drew Bollard and each other. Morty, a pointer-terrier mix was about 4 months old when adopted from a shelter and was almost 14 years old when he died in May 2013. Skippy, a 4-month old rescue puppy when adopted, died unexpectedly in August 2012 at the age of 8 1/2. Skippy was a mixed border collie who used to love to run in circles out back and chase after balls with Morty. Skippy and Morty became lifelong friends quickly and when one had to go to the vet without the other one the one left at home would pace by the window waiting for the other’s return. Both of them brought a lot of love and joy to the Bollard household and they are both sorely missed. Remembrance donation by Marcia and Drew Bollard, December 2013.

In memory of Mr. Smith, who was more human than cat and left a happy impression on everyone who met him, from the cable guy to his pet sitter, Dianne, and his Aunt Martha and Uncle Michael. His mother, Julie Jacobson, will miss him dearly as he always gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, believing in their best and never their worst. May he play, eat and nap contently in heaven, just as he did here on Earth. Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, December 2013.

in loving memory of Goober, Robin Reed's "rock." He is sorely missed. Remembrance donation by Linda Bickford, August 2013.

To honor the memory of Harley, the "doctor", who passed over the rainbow bridge after providing 17 years of joy and comfort to Beatrice and Gary Gustafson. Remembrance donation by Jo-Ann and Ken DeKoven, August 2013.

It has been five years since Franklin became our very first Remembrance.
Five years gone.
Five years missed.
Remembered and loved by many.
Anniversary Remembrance donation by Joan Scheier, August 2013.

In memory of Popcorn, found on the street in the summer of 1997 by Judy and Steve Bass. With her unique coloring and spots, we told everyone she was an Australian chicken herding dog; actually her vintage was probably Dalmatian and terrier. She was the most independent, tough, and rebellious dog we ever owned. She lived to run and she ran like hell. We know that Popcorn is now zipping through the surf, chasing birds on Rincon's beach and racing around Victory park, teasing other dogs into chasing her. She has energy and strong legs, has no pain, and is the happiest dog in the world. Popcorn gave us 16 years of incredible pleasure (well, mostly) and we'll miss her -- and are missing her -- terribly. Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, July 2013.

In memory of Brodie, loving and loved companion of the Pedevillano family. "She was so strong, but gentle, such a fearsome bark but no bite, how she'd never leave the yard, always be on the watch, how she loved to play hide and seek and so many other games. She will always be in our hearts, and we thank her for teaching us loyalty and unconditional love. We will remember all the joy she gave us in her all too short 91/2 years of life. She was smiling her 'Swissy smile' even to the last." Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, June 2013.

In memory of Jake, 7, a rescued Cavalier who spent the last 18 months of his life thriving in the happy, secure home of Katherine and Jim Sutton. Although Jake loved to chew toys and romp with his fellow Cavalier, Charlie, he was the world’s greatest snuggler. If he saw an empty lap, he was in it in a flash…and no one could resist him. Remembrance donation by Jacqueline Birnbaum and Dean Surkin, April 2013."

In Remembrance of Bailey. One year ago you left us suddenly aged 7 years old, a beloved companion of Jaclyn and Aaron, Brother to Bronx and Uncle to Winnie. We are extremely grateful for the time we had and thankful for all of the precious memories. March 2013.

Bodë the Scottie was quite a feisty dude. Also answering to "Manny", he enjoyed living in the city and the country with Kay and Glenn and Cricket the tiny Chihuahua. "Manny" had a great life! Remembrance donation by Susan Ferla, March 2013.

In honor of Scout, the fun loving, mischievous, Standard Poodle who was the companion for almost 15 years of Deborah Hastings. Scout was very popular and sociable and enjoyed Doggie Dancing with Deborah. All her friends miss her deeply. Remembrance donation by Susan Ferla, March 2013.

Scoop - In memory of this 11 year old wonder dog who lived in San Rafael CA with Becca, Michael, Andrew and Spencer MInk. He also leaves behind his playful younger dog brothers, Jr. and Samson. Scoop loved running with his Dad, walking the kids to school with Mom, sniffing Aunt Judy's suitcase for treats, bothering Nammy while she was reading to the kids and generally taking up most of the couch. Scoop gave us all much joy and he will be missed. This remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe and Terry Phelan, February 2013.

In memory of Hide N Seeka Jackpot, aka "Seeka", riding companion to Valerie Ritter from the time she was nine until she started college. They gave each other a lot of love over the years and took care of each other. Remembrance donation by Valerie's mother, Sherise Ritter, January 2013. "Seeka will be remembered with love by our family forever."

In memory of Matey, who had a short but wonderful life with Carol and Tim McGrath.We will always love you. Remembrance donation by Gayle Carroll and Ed Berberian, December 2012.

In memory of Peanut. She was barely 6 pounds but a giant purr-er and very loving. Remembrance donation by Betty and Joe Anticaglia, New York, NY, December 2012.

In memory of Jake, who was the BEST companion to Roberta Kahn for 10 years. They gave each other lots of joy and love. Remembrance donation by Judy Shapiro, November 2012.

In loving memory of Simon, who was a best friend and loyal companion to Joe Grosso and Loren Escandon for over 15 years. Simon loved going to the park and his treats. Simon will be greatly missed, and never forgotten. Remembrance donation by Simon's next door admirer, Joan Scheier, November 2012.

In loving memory of Frankie, friend and companion of Gayle Carroll and Ed Berberian for 18 years. She will always be in our hearts. Remembrance donations by Gayle and Ed, and by Peter and Mickey Bickford, October 2012.

In memory of Mona, whose retirement with Peter and Mickey Bickford after 14 years in a sanctuary was far too short. Her beautiful presence -- one eye and all -- will be remembered forever. Remembrance donations by Dorothy Newshan, Gayle Carroll and Ed Berberian, and Peter and Mickey Bickford. September 2012.

In honor of our first Remembrance, Franklin: four years passed but never passed from our fond memories. Anniversary donation by Joan Scheier, August 2012.

In loving memory of Casey, friend and companion to Josh Sisk and Paul DeMaio for 15 years. Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, May 2012.

In memory of Jasper, who was the fabulous companion of Sue-Ann and Steve LaCasse. Sue called him her "Velcro Puppy".
He could be a rascal but he was totally devoted to his people. Luna the cat, Jasper's housemate, will miss him too. Remembrance donation by Susan Ferla, February 2012.

In memory of Lars Bickford's beloved furry friends Ling Su
(Abyssinian) and Mira (wolf-dog). As Ling Su aged, Mira became her faithful guardian. Remembrance donation by Kathleen Bickford Berzock, January 2012.

In honor of Scrappy Doo, the best of dogs, who was the loyal and
loving companion of Lars Bickford for many years. Remembrance donation by Kathleen Bickford Berzock, January 2012.

Kala, best friend of Sue Feria for 15 1/2 years. Kala and Sue teamed together through Portuguese Water Dog water work, retrieving, agility, and her favorite, Doggie Dancing. Remembrance donation by Judith Wolfe, July 2011, and by Susan Perla, December 2011.

Alex, friend and loving companion of Judy Shapiro, New York, NY. Remembrance donations by Judith Wolfe and Barbara Rosenthal. July 2009, and by Judith Shapiro December 2011.

In loving memory of our old friend Pippi Longstocking -- here watching TV with the whole family -- who will never be forgotten. Remembrance donation by Elizabeth Anticaglia and family, December 2011.

In honor of Molly, loving companion and best friend to Pak-hing Kan for 17 wonderful years, here in her famous polar bear pose. Remembrance donation by Molly's good friends and neighbors, Mickey and Peter Bickford, December 2011.

In loving memory of Wally, delightful and special companion of Ruth and Gary Klein, who at 9 1/2 years old was taken too soon and too suddenly. Remembrance donation by Judith Wolfe, November 2011.

OUR FIRST FISH REMEMBRANCE! Frederick the Fourth, a fish with personality, swam and frolicked with the Miller Family of Palm Desert, California, including our very first remembrance animal, Franklin. Remembrance donation by Joan Scheier, October 2011.

Remembering 11-year old Veet, the beautiful, loving companion of Chuck Cerbini and his family. Remembrance donation by Judith Wolfe, July 2011.

In memory of Pumpkin, loyal friend to Claudia Trainer. She loved going to the park in Forest Hills, NY to meet all her dog and people friends -- of which she had many. Remembrance donation by Joan Scheier, June 2011.

In honor of Chaplin, the light of Barbara Rosenthal's life, and a social butterfly with his own e-mail address ("chaplin4paws"), who succumbed to his cancer soon after Barbara's untimely loss (see the tribute to our great friend and supporter Barbara Rosenthal.) Remembrance donations by Judy Wolfe, Peter and Mickey Bickford, Muriel Danon, Dorothy Newshan, Ferne Spieler and Joan Scheier, April 2011.

Falafel, loving companion to Hilary & Fran Clark since she was adopted in 2001. Falafel will always be remembered as a frisky kitten and a sweet adult, but her life-long respiratory problems resulted in her being taken away far too soon. Remembrance donation by Dean Surkin and Jacqueline Birnbaum, March 2011.

In memory of Cassie, adopted by Ron & Erika Surkin when she was about one year old. Found hanging around a barn where Erika boarded her horse, Cassie not only loved having the run of Ron & Erika's 7-acre estate in Chester Heights, PA, but also developed into a wonderful therapy dog, helping Erika in her counseling of children and adolescents. Cassie lived to the happy old age of about 13. Remembrance donation by Dean Surkin and Jacqueline Birnbaum, March 2011.

In memory of Kaiser, "spunky" friend and companion of Jane Donnelly and David Schult for 16 years. Remembrance donation by Mickey and Peter Bickford and Joan Scheier, March 2011.

Indy, wonderful companion to Ken and Jo-Ann Dekoven, too soon gone for being so full of life, and the second heartbreaking loss to the family in the last year (see Frodo, November, 2010). Remembrance donation by Dean Surkin and Jacqueline Birnbaum, February 2011.

Loving friend and companion of Dr. Elizabeth Appleman, Gertrude was adopted at age 3 from the Animal Rescue League in Pittsburgh and spent her formative years in NYC. She enjoyed shopping, fine dining, strolling in Central Park, and relaxing in her apartment on the upper east side. Gertrude almost made it to her 18 and 1/2 birthday in 2011, and would like to go on record as one of the oldest Corgis in history. Remembrances by Mickey & Peter Bickford, January 2011.

Benny to some and Bennie to others, but loved by all who knew him for his courage and spirit. Best friend and companion of Mickey and Peter Bickford. Remembrance donations by Dr. Elizabeth Appleman, Meg Crane, Muriel Danon, Bruce Ginsberg and Nancy Gaeta, Linda and Emily Indig, Mary Lanning, Dorothy Newshan, Barbara Rosenthal, Joan Scheier, Dragica Tamarut, Judy Wolfe, and Mickey and Peter Bickford. December 2010. A special thanks to Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists (FAVS) in New York City for their extraordinary efforts and loving care during Bennie’s illness.

In memory of our beautiful and faithful Honeybunch. Remembrance donation by Betty & Joe Anticaglia, New York, NY, December 2010.

In memory of Frodo, Ken and Jo-Ann Dekoven's wonderful retired champion cairn terrier, who is deeply missed by Ken and Jo-Ann, their golden retriever Indiana and their cat Arwen. Remembrance donation by Jacqueline Birnbaum and Dean Surkin, November 2010.

Cleo the Cockapoo, too soon gone but still in the hearts of Jacqueline, Dean and Sherlock of Bronxville, NY. Remembrance donation by Peter and Mickey Bickford. October 2010.

Lucy, four footed member of the family for 12 years, will be missed by Allen and Joanne and the two footed children Zachary and Oscar. She was a wonderful companion and enjoyed listening to all conversations. Remembrance donation by Joan Scheier, September 2010.

In memory of Dorothy Newshan's beloved Sandy, who has too soon joined her pal and litter mate Jan. Remembrance donation by Muriel Danon and Barbara Rosenthal, August 2010.

Duncan, sweet, handsome, big guy, loved to visit Anne Marie and go for walks in Forest Hills when he visited -- bad hips and all. He will be missed, especially by his Aunt Joan who loved to walk along with him. Remembrance donation by Joan Scheier, July 2010.

In memory of the indomitable Nala, who even while fighting illness at too young an age, reminded us every day that life can be good and should be appreciated - warm sunspots on the carpet, good food, and exchanging love with humans. Remembrance donation by Kate Fischer. June 2010.

In honor of Fred (at left) and Andy, who will be sorely missed by Joanne and Rick Leuschner and their children Samantha, Caitlin, Couri, Casey, Sean and Shane. Remembrance donation by Dorothy Newshan, May 2010.

In remembrance of Jan, who brought much joy to the life of Dorothy Newshan and Jan's litter mate Sandy for 13 years. Remembrance donation by Muriel Danon and Barbara Rosenthal. May 2010.

LucyRemembering Lucy, shown here with her long-time companion Taj, who paved the way for Lucy across the Rainbow Bridge in 2008. Remembrance donation by Lucy's and Taj's mom Linda Bickford, who misses them both greatly but takes comfort in their being able to play fetch together again. April 2010.

ButtonIn honor of Button who lived the good life with Mickey and Peter Bickford for 17 years. For nine of those years, Button was the faithful companion of Binky for whom the Binky Foundation is named (See History under About Us). Remembrance donations by Linda Bickford, Muriel Danon, Dorothy Newshan, Barbara Rosenthal and Judith Wolfe. April 2010.

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In September 2008 the Foundation was grateful to receive a donation from a supporter in loving memory of a friend’s cat, Franklin. As a result of this first-of-its-kind contribution, we decided to start this Remembrance page to allow our friends and supporters to recognize and honor our animal companions who have passed on to their greater reward.

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