In memory of Irene Egan’s wonderful dog Finn. “I found Finn one evening when she wandered out in front of my car while driving through my apartment complex in Texas.  After determining she was a stray from lack of a collar and some of the neighbors telling me she had been hanging around for a few weeks, I put her in the back seat of my car and our sixteen years together began.  When I found her, she was about six months old and seemed to have been someone’s pet already but like so many others she was left behind to fend for herself.  A year and a half later Finn came with me as I moved back to NJ where she became my mother’s “grand dog”.  Finn was smart and sassy but always knew how to make me smile no matter how I felt.  She loved people but was a bit pickier about her canine friends.  Cats, squirrels, birds, rabbits and groundhogs were for chasing while the chipmunks knew to stay on the other side of the fence taunting her. Finn was a happy dog until the very end and the phrase “who saved who” defiantly applied to Finn.”  Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, June 2019.