In memory of Luna, loving companion to Sue Cardillo.  “Luna was the best little lover dog, always up for snuggles and affection taking good care of my heart when I needed it most. She was so loving to us that it made you forget all the naughty things she would do, she knew how to eat most things that don’t belong in a dog’s tummy and knew how to bark at that most annoying pitch! I miss her beautiful little way, so petite yet such a big presence in my life. The cabin will never be the same without her- always with me in our most happy place- sleeping in the grass, relaxing on the dock, floating around in the canoe, sprinting in circles around the cabin like a crazy puppy, hikes around the lake and in the mountains, and those great naps on my lap in the Adirondack chair. I will forever long for her to still be here but hold these memories close to my heart.”  Remembrance donations by Judy Wolfe, Audrey, Philip and Jeanette Riccobono, and Berni Leahy, September 2018.