2014 Grantees

Portable coral, Panhandle Equine Rescue, Florida.

Portable coral, Panhandle Equine Rescue, Florida.

2014 marked the first time in our ten years of providing grants that all grants were First Steps grants of $2500 or less, completing our evolution towards our smaller, more focused grants. This emphasis on smaller grants enabled us to provide meaningful long-term benefits to many more organizations. We received a total of 134 applications in 2014, including an overwhelming 88 applications received in our September window, and awarded 59 “First Steps” grants to recipients in 26 states. This almost doubled our 31 grants to organizations in 18 states in 2013.

Our amazing grantees in turn continue to remind us that the smallest efforts properly focused can become the seeds from which substantial efforts grow. So it is with great pride that we acknowledge, in alphabetical order, each of our 2014 grant recipients (an asterisk* marks those grantees who posted an acknowledgement of our grant on their websites. If we missed any, our apologies):

The Binky Foundation also awarded an additional 18 “First Steps” grants in 2014 with payment deferred to 2015. These grantees will be listed on the 2015 Our Grantees website page.

Our criteria and information on our application windows for 2015 can be found on our Grant Program page.