In memory of April Rivkin’s wonderful 18 +/- year old cat Wendell. “About 15 years ago we wanted to adopt a second cat, and Stephen had a “thing” for Maine Coons. However when the County Shelter suggested we might like this Norwegian Forest Cat, we fell in love. Wendell was big, funny, and thrived being the center of attention. Until three weeks ago, Wendell literally greeted every person who came into the house; he was definitely the host with the most! If ignored, he would tap, tap, tap you with his right paw until petted. Sometimes a bully with the other felines, he always charming with humans. In his youth he was quite the handsome guy who loved to play fetch with a crumpled piece of paper, chase laser lights, sun himself on the porch, and EAT. What a personality!” Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, July 2017.