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Welcome to the Binky Foundation


The Binky Foundation is a private charitable organization dedicated to the protection of domestic and wild animals and the protection and expansion of their habitats. At The Binky Foundation we recognize that the resources for starting an initiative are often the hardest to obtain. Thus, we are committed to assisting individuals and organizations in taking those critical initial steps toward protecting animals and their habitats.

2017 Grant Program
As of March 1, 2017 the window for submission of letters of inquiry for our 2017 grant program is closed. If you submitted a letter of inquiry during the month of February, please be patient we will be addressing all letters in due course. However, please understand that we have received far more inquiries than expected, particularly on the last two days of February, and it will take some time for our all-volunteer Grant Committee to diligently assess each inquiry. Please see the Grant Program page for more information about our Grant Program.

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Kongakut River, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge