Luna Siberian Husky Rescue - Bath

Luna Siberian Husky Rescue – Bath

Although there are many organizations nationwide that are involved in various aspects of animal and habitat protection, most are focused on “big picture” issues. Yet frequently the smallest efforts properly focused can become the seeds from which substantial efforts grow. At The Binky Foundation we recognize that the resources for starting an initiative are often the hardest to obtain. Thus, our grant program is focused primarily on assisting individuals and organizations seeking to take those initial steps that are critical to achieving a significant benefit or advancement toward protecting animals and their habitats.

First Steps and Forward Steps Grants

Our First Steps Grant Program is designed to help small, local organizations get a firm basis for future sustainability, and our Forward Steps Grant Program is to help expand or perpetuate an established organization’s ability to perform its mission.

We will be offering new “First Steps” and “Forward Steps” grants to qualified individuals or organizations in the fall of 2019. We are revising our criteria and our application and review processes, with details to be posted here in due course.

The Binky Foundation does not provide direct payment for food or medical support for animals, or short-term support for an organization’s general budget for these services. For examples of the kinds of organizations we have supported in the past, and the nature of the approved grants, see Our Grantees »


B.A.R.K: Safe Haven Rescue Kennel - Cottage 3

B.A.R.K: Safe Haven Rescue Kennel – Cottage 3

We will accept for consideration applications during announced grant windows only. If you are interested in being considered for a First Steps or Forward Steps Grant, please complete and submit the online application form during the grant window. Access to our online form will be available during grant windows only.  It is important for you to provide us with all the information requested to the best of your ability. The Grant Committee will review all applications received during the window before awarding grants, so there will be no benefit to being “first in line.” Please note that acceptance of an application is not a guarantee that a grant will be awarded. 

Also, please note that we will no longer accept mailed requests, or e-mailed requests that do not use the online application form. If you have any problems completing or submitting our application form, please e-mail us at or by using the contact form.

Please note that The Binky Foundation is not designed for and does not have the resources to fund individual pet care, including direct reimbursement to veterinarians, or for housing or the purchase of food. We urge individuals seeking such help contact local shelters or other local charitable organizations that may provide such assistance.