Rehabilitating Swans (The Bird Fund, NY, NY)

Rehabilitating Swans (The Wild Bird Fund, NY, NY)

Motivated by a life time of commitment to animal protection and habitat preservation, Michalina and Peter Bickford founded The Binky Foundation in 2004. The Foundation is named for their beloved cat, Binky. When Binky was a kitten it was discovered that he had an enzyme deficiency requiring that his food be treated every day for him to survive. He was Mickey’s and Peter’s friend and companion for eighteen years, and helped to crystallize their understanding about the interconnection and fragile dependence of humans and other animals. In his honor, Mickey and Peter have sought to encourage and help those who understand this bond.

Our Mission

The Binky Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization dedicated to the protection of domestic and wild animals and the protection and expansion of animal habitats. We seek to pursue this mission:

  • By supporting individuals or entities engaged in this work through education, research, field studies, and habitat acquisitions or by other innovative means.
  • By supporting other 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) organizations engaged in similar activities.
  • By making accurate and useful information about animals and their habitats broadly available.


UPAWS – Small Animal Scale

At The Binky Foundation we believe that education is the most important shield against the destruction of habitat and its dependent wildlife and the development of understanding and respect for all animals (domestic or wild). If long term benefits are to come from current efforts, we must spark the intellectual interest and enthusiasm of new generations of potential leaders who will continue nurturing these efforts in to the future. The success in developing knowledgeable, open-minded individuals as future leaders—for business or government, as well as for conservation groups or care providers—will in large measure determine whether gains made today can be maintained and expanded tomorrow. Therefore, a principal focus of The Binky Foundation is to provide funding for new research and educational efforts and for already established and effective internship programs.