A Tribute to Benny

December 2010

When Mickey & Peter were saying their final farewell to Binky, a cat living at the vet’s office pushed his way into the room. Soon after they adopted that cat, Benny (or Bennie to many). Judging from his charm, sweetness and courage, they suspect that Binky’s spirit passed to Benny that day in the vets office, which made it all the harder for them when Benny lost his two-year battle with cancer just before Christmas.

Mickey & Peter are happy that they could provide Benny the care that he needed during his all too brief life. However, they also know that many people are struggling to provide basic, necessary needs – food and medical care – for their pets. While The Binky Foundation does not have the resources to provide assistance for direct care of individual animals, it will continue to look to organizations seeking to establish sustainable programs to assist those pets and their owners struggling to provide such basic needs. (See our grant programs).