Eggs the Dog

In memory of Eggs the Dog, companion to Sarah Milstein and Tony Stubblebine. “We adopted Eggs in California when he was about ten months old; he lived with us in San Francisco and Brooklyn for the next 12.5 years. His accomplishments were numerous: he was the fastest dog in the dogrun for many years; he taught himself to climb up the fully vertical ladder of a boat so he could dive off repeatedly; he loved being clicker trained; he destroyed dozens of toys in mere seconds; he was featured in NYT photos twice; he assumed we were deaf and barked his head off at all noises outside the door or car; he bit a number of tech luminaries; three times after swiping food off the counters, he had to be induced to vomit. He were also a mush who liked to stare into our eyes and nap on top of us–he were a 60-pound lap dog–and he won over friends, family and special dog-care pros. He had the best name we’ll ever come up with, and we loved him enormously.” Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, February 2019.