In memory of Madison, our friend Judy Wolfe’s grumpy companion (Judy is the artist responsible for the painting of Binky that adorns our website). The following is an excerpt from her montage tribute to Madison from her website, While at the Zoo:  “In October of 2001 the superintendent of my building called me up and asked if I wanted a cat. It seems that a kitten had walked into the lobby of my building and just sat down. I rushed downstairs and found a little bundle of fur. And that was that. Fast forward almost 17 years and Madison crossed that very crowded rainbow bridge this week. Truth be told, she was not a very nice cat. That was part of her charm. She harrumphed around the apartment, hissed at her roommates and generally had a bad attitude. All of those aforementioned things made me love her even more. When she came to live with us I had two other cats, whom she learned to hate. A few years later Benny the dog came to live with us. She was not fond of him either. She outlived those animals and then got to share her space with kitten sisters Audrey and Roberta and eventually Jack the one-eyed dog. She did not like any of them either. Do I miss this grumpy cat? You bet.”  Remembrance donations by Steve Bass, Helen Risom Belluschi, Jamie Toste, Karen Pedevillano (for Juba, Leela, Picasso & Zack Cerbini), Terry & Jackie Phelan, Berni Leahy, April Rivkin, Veronica Gallagher and Peter & Mickey Bickford, February 2018.