Animal Companion Remembrances

Pilkku and Barnacle

Pilkku and Barnacle

Pilkku and Barnacle: In loving memory of Linda Hanhilammi’s Pilkku and Barnacle. Remembrance donation by Mickey Bickford, October 2009.

Shep and Ketzy

Shep and Ketzy

Shep and Ketzy, Too long gone . . . never forgotten. Remembrance donation by Joan Scheier, October 2009.



Franklin, companion of Janet and Don Miller, Palm Desert, California. Remembrance donation by Joan Scheier. September, 2008.

1 year gone, but not forgotten.
Grandma Janet, and Aunt Joan. September 2009

Franklin’s Grandpa, Donald Miller, passed away in June 2010. It would be nice to think they are together again.

Zoe Bella

Zoe Bella: Sweet and faithful companion to Debbie and Connie for almost 13 years. The sparkle in her eyes will last in all of our memories forever. Remembrance donation by Carrie Whitaker, September 2009.



Mondae was rescued as a kitten by the docents at the Central Park Zoo in New York City on a Monday 13 years ago, and adopted immediately by Sue Maharaj, an employee of the Zoo, and raised, loved and cared for by her and her daughter Prematie in the Bronx, NY. Remembrance donations by Judith Wolfe and Barbara Rosenthal. August 2009.


Geyser, for 20 years the loving friend and companion of Ann Saydlowski, New York, NY. Remembrance donation by Judith Wolfe, July 2009.


Beamer, friend, companion and playmate of Bonnie Luria and Kelly Gloger, Kingshill, St Croix. Remembrance donation by Judith Wolfe July 2009.


Jazzie, loving friend of Elise Amendola and Mary Schwalm, North Andover, Massachusetts. Remembrance donations by Judith Wolfe and Barbara Rosenthal. July 2009.

Mozart & Salieri

Mozart & Salieri, two very special cats that enhanced the life of Jackie Perez, New York, NY. Remembrance donation by Barbara Rosenthal. June 2009.


Taj, faithful and gallant companion of Linda Bickford for almost 13 years, Rowe, Massachusetts. Remembrance donation by Linda Bickford. November 2008.