In loving memory of Dakota, companion to Kenneth and JoAnn DeKoven.  “She was the gentlest and most loving of souls, ALWAYS at our side and always happy to see any and every creature she encountered. Our beautiful Golden never met a soul she did not like. Although we have lost our most beloved companion, her legacy lives on because, as a member of The Seeing Eye’s breeding program before joining our family, she was the loving mother of 28 potential future Guide Dogs who will help other needy souls.  Run free and healthy at the Rainbow Bridge until we meet again! We love and miss you, but you’ll always be with us in spirit and a part of our very beings.” Remembrance donation by Jacqueline Birnbaum and Dean Surkin, June 2018.


In memory of Sherlock, loving companion to Jacqueline Birnbaum and Dean Surkin. “We will always remember Sherlock’s boundless energy, and the way he played with Jacqueline every morning, the way he herded us into the kitchen when it was mealtime, the way he responded to learning new commands, and the way he mastered doggie puzzles. We will sorely miss Sherlock snuggling up to us every night to go to sleep.”  Remembrance donations by Jo-Ann & Ken De Koven and Peter & Mickey Bickford, June 2018.


In memory of Madison, our friend Judy Wolfe’s grumpy companion (Judy is the artist responsible for the painting of Binky that adorns our website). The following is an excerpt from her montage tribute to Madison from her website, While at the Zoo:  “In October of 2001 the superintendent of my building called me up and asked if I wanted a cat. It seems that a kitten had walked into the lobby of my building and just sat down. I rushed downstairs and found a little bundle of fur. And that was that. Fast forward almost 17 years and Madison crossed that very crowded rainbow bridge this week. Truth be told, she was not a very nice cat. That was part of her charm. She harrumphed around the apartment, hissed at her roommates and generally had a bad attitude. All of those aforementioned things made me love her even more. When she came to live with us I had two other cats, whom she learned to hate. A few years later Benny the dog came to live with us. She was not fond of him either. She outlived those animals and then got to share her space with kitten sisters Audrey and Roberta and eventually Jack the one-eyed dog. She did not like any of them either. Do I miss this grumpy cat? You bet.”  Remembrance donations by Steve Bass, Helen Risom Belluschi, Jamie Toste, Karen Pedevillano (for Juba, Leela, Picasso & Zack Cerbini), Terry & Jackie Phelan, Berni Leahy, April Rivkin, Veronica Gallagher and Peter & Mickey Bickford, February 2018.

Fiona Puss

In memory of Fiona: “We love you and miss you every day Fiona. You touched our lives with your gentle companionship, helping to raise little Gatsby and with the loudest purr west of the Mississippi.”  Remembrance by Valerie Garrett, December 2017.


In memory of Cole, aka Ch. Caledonian Cole Porter of Wolfpit, only 8 years old, beloved companion to Ken and JoAnn DeKoven. Unknown to his family, he had protein-losing enteropathy, and in December 2016 he suddenly died from cardiac arrest. Cole is survived by his adoptive quadruped siblings Arwen, Gretel, and Dakota.  Remembrance donation by Dean Surkin and Jacqueline Birnbaum, December 2017.


Augustus, Jamie and Joseph

Maria and Albert diMeglio have been great cat owners over many years and have given so much to their cats, above and beyond. Maria and Albert adopted Maria’s mother’s cats when her mother got sick. These beloved kitties of unknown age had been declining for several months and recently all passed away within two weeks of each other. Remembrance donation by Berni Leahy, December 2017

A few words about each of the cats from Maria:

Augustus, Jamie and Joseph were rescued cats who we took in when my mother got sick.



Augustus was a big guy, very handsome and majestic. As big as he was, that’s how gentle he was. He was a true gentleman who had two girlfriends, Jamie and China, who would sleep with him and lick him on his head. We will miss this gentle soul, who was always so kind and loving to us and to his brothers and sisters. He was a trooper until the end.



Jamie was one of Augustus’ girlfriends. She was a tuxedo cat and simply adorable.  As tiny as she was, she was a holy terror with the other cats.  She ruled the household in her own way. She loved to hide in the most unusual places.  We will miss her big eyes and little cries.  I will miss, most of all, her little head resting on my lap.  She was a trooper until the end.


Joseph was a skinny fellow but looks can be deceiving because he was very strong.  He loved being petted and you could do that for hours.  He was very quiet until he gave out a big wail in the middle of the night and he was always thinking as he looked around the apartment. He was also a great jumper. He loved his cat beds and enjoyed eating chicken, ham, cheese, and turkey. We loved his little black nose. He was simply so lovable. He was a trooper until the end.

We will love you always, Maria, Albert, and Julio



Homer, you were the best bunny ever. You were always a plush and cuddly bundle of personality and energy, a bouncy helicopter mini-lop with ears askew, who delighted in life.  Everyone who ever met you fell in love with you. You were a great companion to Harper, later engaging us in the playtime you had once shared with her. You lived to a ripe old age with no significant health issues till the end, for which we will be forever grateful.  Homer, we miss you!  Love, Berni, Kent, aunties Kathy and Sheila, and your former foster family, Marcie and Larry.  Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, December 2017.


In memory of Tyler, beloved companion of Artie and Debbie Schwartz, who lived a long happy life with his late adoptive brother Benny and recently adopted brother Toby. He passed away in November 2017, aged 16, from cancer.  Remembrance donation by Dean Surkin, December 2017.



In memory of Lucy, companion to Gayle and Ed Berberian of NYC, and a welcoming friend to all in her apartment building who knew her.  “Lucy was a shelter cat so we don’t know exactly how old she was but probably around 12.  We hoped to have her longer but loved her so much during the 11 years we had her.”  “In Remembrance of Lucy, who gave our friends Gayle & Eddie such joy in their lives. Rest in Peace, Lucy!” (Jan and Shelly Firstenberg).  Remembrance donations by Gayle and Ed Berberian, Timothy & Carol McGrath, Meg Crane and Peter and Mickey Bickford, December 2017.   



Just shy of his 15th birthday, sweet little James lost his brave fight against cancer and made his journey across the rainbow bridge. James came to Amy Sancetta as a rescue from a litter on an Amish farm.  In Amy’s words, “He has been the absolute light of my life. . . .  My best friend all these years, he followed me around like a little sheep. This summer we were able to take him on a bucket list trip to see family, friends and the ocean for the first time, and he had an absolutely wonderful time. We’ve been so blessed to have James in our lives, and right now it’s hard for me to picture life without him.  I won the animal lottery when James chose me and I brought him home all those years ago. He will be part of my heart forever. I’ll love you forever, little buddy.”  Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, September 2017.