In memory of Maria and Albert’s wonderful cat Teresa.  “Teresa was a stray cat that we took in and she was small, quiet, loyal, friendly, sweet, gentle, delicate, and a little lady.  She had arthritis in her back legs, which sometimes made it difficult for her to jump up on the sofa or bed, but God bless her, she always managed to do so, sometimes with our help. My dad would comb her sometimes and she enjoyed it.  She loved to eat her cat food, especially the gourmet and she also loved Jenny Craig’s beef, green peas, and cheese which I shared with her. I will miss seeing her put her entire body into the cat toy box and put her face right into her toys.  I will miss seeing her sleep on the small bear rug made for cats that I bought for her.  Teresa was warm, cuddly and fragile, all at the same time.”  Remembrance donation by Maria and Albert DiMeglio, April 2019.