Just shy of his 15th birthday, sweet little James lost his brave fight against cancer and made his journey across the rainbow bridge. James came to Amy Sancetta as a rescue from a litter on an Amish farm.  In Amy’s words, “He has been the absolute light of my life. . . .  My best friend all these years, he followed me around like a little sheep. This summer we were able to take him on a bucket list trip to see family, friends and the ocean for the first time, and he had an absolutely wonderful time. We’ve been so blessed to have James in our lives, and right now it’s hard for me to picture life without him.  I won the animal lottery when James chose me and I brought him home all those years ago. He will be part of my heart forever. I’ll love you forever, little buddy.”  Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, September 2017.