Wilma the Wonder Dog had a very wonderful life with her people, Jennifer Jackson and Gary Nusbaum, who stated:  “She was pampered, loved, adored.  She went for regular car rides; slept in a king size bed that she incidentally allowed us to sleep in, too; had two little brothers (OK – bigger younger brothers); . . . She may have been small, but she was larger than life. We loved her. She loved us. She was a licker. Anyone who came to the house was in danger of having their tonsils licked. Her tongue was legendary. She loved to cuddle. She thought she was a human. She hated not being the center of attention. She loved visitors. She didn’t really acknowledge other dogs – she was a human, after all. But most of all, she loved her family and we loved her.  She will be truly missed.”  Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, July 2015.