Judy and Steve Bass found little Zippy dumped at a local park. “She was about six months old, loving and lovable, trusting, and adorable. She became a part of our lives and stayed with us for almost 17 years.  Zippy was a gracious dog. She’d jump into anyone (everyone’s) lap and share her kisses. When she was young and full of zip, Zippy would use her nose to push a tennis ball down a staircase, race down after it, and be back in a flash to do it again. She was also content spending the day in the yard, sniffing and exploring, searching for gifts from the raccoons she would savor. She had a favorite seat in the RV where with the door open, she could look out on the world, sniff the air, and take in a little sun, even if she was just looking out on the driveway. And that was her last happy view of the world. Our hearts ache with the emptiness.”  Remembrance donation by Judy Wolfe, March 2017.