2013 Grantees

In 2013 The Binky Foundation continued to focus on its smaller First Steps grants (up to $2500).  This emphasis on smaller grants enabled us to provide meaningful long-term benefits to many more organizations, and our grantees in turn continue to remind us that the smallest efforts properly focused can become the seeds from which substantial efforts grow.  So it is with great pride that we acknowledge each of our 2013 grant recipients (Our criteria and information on our application windows for 2014 can be found on our Grant Program page).

First Step Grants

During 2013, First Steps grants were awarded to 30 organizations and 2 individuals in a record 18 states. These grants largely reflect our mission and criteria as described on our Grant Program page:

Forward Steps Grants

Although The Binky Foundation is focused primarily on its First Steps grant program, it also provided support in 2013 for a few larger Forward Steps programs (between $2500 and $5000) that our grant committee determined would provide long-term, valuable benefits for animals or habitat, including:

The Binky Foundation also continues to provide ongoing support for a couple of “old friends”—organizations that provide significant and important services to animals—domestic and wild—and their habitat, including grants to:

  • Unexpected Wildlife Refuge, a small refuge in Southern New Jersey providing a haven for beavers, other indigenous wildlife and migratory birds, protecting them from encroachments of farmers, hunters and civilized development.
  • The Raptor Trust, an organization in Central New Jersey providing for the rehabilitation and re-entry in to the wild of injured or orphaned raptors and other birds, most of which are harmed by their proximity to the New York metropolis.