2010 Report to Friends of the Binky Foundation

November 2010

The most important lesson learned by us this past year is that there are an amazing number of dedicated grass-roots organizations working diligently and passionately against tremendous odds to provide food, shelter, medical and other aid for domestic animals in need, and for accessible, sustainable habitat for their wild brethren; and in the process educating others about the importance of their mission. The second lesson we have learned is that by emphasizing our smaller First Steps Grants ($2500 and under) and Step Up Student Grants ($500 and under) we are able to do more good in more communities with our limited resources.

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A Tribute to Button

In April 2010 Mickey and Peter said farewell to their wonderful cat Button. For 9 of her 17 years, Button was Binky’s friend, companion and playmate. We miss them both, but are sure they are romping together again!